Re-tuning your car became a thing of the past when manufactures introduced ECU controlled fueling, having your car “Crypton” tuned would keep your economy up & engine running smooth.

This option is now available again with emapping technology from bhpuk, their advances in software electronics along with Malkin Motors have increased your options, with ECU mapping it’s not all about power & speed we have the ability to adapt your standard map into different fields, allowing improvements in economy or lower speed torque for towing & the adjustment in component values to prevent control units entering limp home modes due to a worn but working component.

bhpuk are becoming UK’s largest leading remapping company, their advanced knowledge in remap software winning them industry awards, they provide this service with a complete money back guarantee, telling you its a company you can trust & in partnership with Malkin Motors you have total piece of mind.

Remapping Services

  • EGR – reduction = just £115
  • Engine Management – remap = from £245

For more information, just give us a call on 01939 236051